Refund Policy


Refund Requests: Generally, no refunds are available unless a member qualifies for a refund under any guarantee program we may have in effect. If you believe you qualify for a refund under a guarantee we are offering, you may contact customer support by sending your request to the email-address and include your listing number, and your reason for dissatisfaction. We will then determine, in accordance with the applicable guarantee program, whether any refund is due.


Refund Requests for Listings Not Completed: In the event you purchase a subscription for a listing but do not complete the creation of the listing or the listing does not get posted after purchase for any other reason, refund requests will be considered only during the first 15 days following the purchase date.


Subscription's Refund
The company does allow members to change their subscription from Standard to Classic or from Classic to Premium, but degradation of the subscription plan isn't offered. You can change your subscription plan by contacting customer support and sending your request.

In case subscription is renewed as per the terms of your subscription, the listing will be displayed online throughout the subscription period. If member sells their property or do not wish to display it online, they can contact us to get their listing(s) removed. It must note that no refunds are available after subscription renewal or after the removal of listing during the subscription term.