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Our General Terms and Conditions

  • At Tripnmate you can place advertisements for the rental, Selling or exchange of vacation houses, vacation apartments and similar properties for a limited time and for a charge. The advertisements appear on the Tripnmate website and can be called up by all visitors of Tripnmate at no charge and without registration. Those interested in the offers can also contact the property suppliers at no charge via a special contact form. No agreements are concluded between suppliers and those interested in vacation accommodations at Tripnmate.
  • . Tripnmate does not place ads itself or on behalf of third parties and at its own cost or at the cost of third parties and has no contractual relationships between the potential customer and the Supplier either directly or indirectly, legally or financially. No contractual relationships exist beyond the scope of the publication of the advertisement. Tripnmate does not become a contractual partner in the agreement concluded between the Supplier and the potential customer and is also not involved in the performance of these agreements. Tripnmate does not receive any commission or similar service requiring payment for the successful materialization between the supplier and the potential customer.
  • There is no legal claim to use the pages of Tripnmate.
  • Purpose of the Ads
  • A. Advertisements may only have the rental, Selling or exchange of vacation houses, vacation apartments or similar properties to private entities (Offers). We do not allow ads which search for properties of this type (search ads) and particularly ads with the purpose of buying or selling a property or rights similar to real property.

    B. The same property may only be advertised once at the same time.

    C. Form and Position of the Ads, The size, form, color, resolution, layout etc. are determined exclusively by Tripnmate. No legal claim exists for a certain presentation. The Supplier expresses his agreement that his advertisement be presented in the form determined by Tripnmate and in the form generally used by Tripnmate. Tripnmate particularly deserves the right to enlarge or reduce images in the interest of a uniform and easy-to-follow presentation.